Canyoning is an activity to get the experience of exploring the nature of Bali and providing different activities to fill your vacation day. Waterfalls in Bali are very beautiful and it's not enough just to see them, try to come and explore deeper with us! You will definitely know how Bali's nature presents its beauty.

Canyoning in Bali

Adrenaline Rush Bali

Canyoning is a type of sport for exploring rivers, valleys, and waterfall based sports that combines various disciplines of outdoor engineering. This is where we Adrenaline Rush Bali Canyoning is here to make it easier for you to explore the canyon with complete canyoning equipment, safety, techniques, and also accompanied by canyoning instructors and assistants to make it easier for you to enjoy the natural beauty of the canyon while still prioritizing safety and experience. We are sure this will be on your list of must-try activities in Bali.

Adrenaline Rush Bali Canyoning

What is Canyoning?

Explore the canyons and the beauty of waterfalls using several techniques, including rappelling/abseiling, jumping, slides, zip line/flying fox, trekking, and swimming. Enjoy the natural beauty of the canyon which is surrounded by natural rocks which sometimes are rarely visited and known by some people. The translucent light that covers the canyon and waterfall will be very beautiful to look at when we are in it. It is highly recommended when the beauty of this moment can be captured with your partner, family, group, or even your best friend. To make it easier for you to find out what is in Canyoning, please click on the image below to view our activity gallery.

What they say?


Recommended Trips

Hot Canyoning Trips

Is this your first try in canyoning? How about you will try this type of THE BEGIN canyoning bali trip. We will introduce you to the canyoning bali experience. Get your activity in rappelling, sliding, jumping, zip line (flying fox), and swimming in the natural spring water.

Advanced Trips

Canyoning Explorer

Advanced level of canyoning! This trip will show you as a nature explorer. Has a very interesting challenge. Most of that, it’s having many activities like jumping in various heights and sliding that will make your complete experience trip. 

Most Extreme Trips

Adrenaline Canyoning

These are canyoning trips that have very challenging. There will be several waterfalls, heights, and deep river pools. This journey will take half until one-day canyoning trips. So be ready with your most extreme explorer also in a good condition!